Small Group Benefits


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running-573762_640Small groups are defined as those with less than 50 employees


Ambulatory patient services, Emergency services, Hospitalization, Maternity and newborn care, Mental health disorder services, Substance use disorder services, Prescription drugs, Rehabilitative services and devices, Laboratory services, Preventive and wellness services, Chronic disease management, Pediatric services


Dental: Following Group Medical Benefits, Group Dental Benefits are the second most popular employer paid benefit offered to employees. Features include but are not limited to Preventative, Basic, Major services, Orthodontics, Out of Network coverage, Traditional Plan or Fee Schedule Plans, Rollover Credits.

Life & Disability: While these benefits are relatively inexpensive compared to the medical plan, their inclusion can greatly affect the employees’ perception of the company’s benefit package.

Group Life: Guaranteed Issue, Employer Paid, Up to $50,000 Tax Free Benefit, Flat Amounts or Multiples of Salary

Disability Worksite Products

Employee Paid: With the steadily increasing cost of medical plans has resulted in a dilution of the employer paid benefits package. Consequently, the industry has witnessed a dramatic growth in Employer Sponsored Voluntary Products.

Retirement Plans: An Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan can extend to your employees a simple and unique tool for saving, reducing taxes and investing that they could not have access to by themselves or through a small employer. EBS will assist employers with the process of vendor selection in the same way we do with group benefit decisions.

Things to consider: Employer Matching and Vesting Schedules, Safe Harbor Plans, Discretionary Matching with a 403(b) plan, Diversification through Fund Selections, Asset charges in the plan and Administrative Costs, Discrimination Testing, Critical Illness, Cancer Policies, Disability (Short Term and Long Term), Benefit Banks, Long Term and Short Term, Plan Design Flexibility – Elimination Period, Duration, Definition of Disability and Monthly Benefit, Guaranteed Issue, Employer Paid for Defined Amounts.

Executive Benefits: Recruiting and Retaining good Executives, Department Heads and Managers is vital to the success of any organization. Offering special benefits to this select class goes a long way in expressing gratitude for the responsibilities they shoulder.

Executive Compensation: Tax advantages for Employer and Executive, Significant build up of cash value and death benefits, Increasing benefit to the Executive over time.

Life Insurance: Special Classifications, Employer Paid, Guaranteed Issue for 3-4 times salary, Additional Amounts available with Evidence of Insurability, Tax Free Benefit Arrangements – Gross Up or 1099 as Income.

Disability: Duration to Normal Retirement Age, Own Occupation Definition, Guaranteed Issue for defined amounts, Higher Salaries may warrant the inclusion of an Individual Disability policy.

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